Watermill Residency Concludes - Thank You!

Time to say good-bye to Watermill! We have had a very productive three and half weeks, thanks to the efforts of the WMC staff. Here is our last video update, explaining what we have accomplished in residence, shot and edited by Brune Charvin.

Thank you to The Watermill Center for giving us the opportunity to reconvene and reflect on our work in Berlin. Having met at Watermill in the Summer Program, we are so grateful that we were able to come back together at the Center - it felt like coming home.

We will keep you posted as our work progresses! 

Family Day @ Watermill!

We had so much fun at Family Day | The Watermill Center yesterday!

The Hutto Project led a workshop inviting families from the local community to step inside our classroom, practice choral music, and learn & record V'la L'Bon Vent. It's been a great pleasure to continue to expand The Hutto Project community.

Our workshop was followed by a choreography workshop led by Makram Najib Hamdan, which we happily joined!

Big thanks to Andrea Cote and The Watermill Center staff for organizing. Photos by Brune Charvin

Still Shots from Rehearsal: V'LA L'BON VENT" Live Soundtrck Recording Session @ Watermill!

From left to right: Kate, Donju, Emily, Brune, Christopher, Jon, Marisa

From left to right: Kate, Donju, Emily, Brune, Christopher, Jon, Marisa

This past weekend, we recorded "V'la L'Bon Vent," a french folk song, for our soundtrack. Brune Charvin's mother sang it to her as a child, and Brune taught it in class in Berlin.

Singers Donju Min, Christopher Ramirez, Jon Perkins, Emily Suzuki, and Marisa Onanian joined us to record a choral version of this song, arranged by Kate.

We are so grateful to this group of skilled musicians for coming out and lending their time and voices for this work. Stay tuned!

Still shot by  Khesrau Behroz

Still shot by Khesrau Behroz

New choral music arrangement coming

Putting the finishing touches on a choral arrangement of "V'la L'Bon Vent," a french folk song that Brune Charvin taught our class in Berlin. Her mom sung it to her as a child.

Tomorrow, we are recording a new arrangement of the song for the soundtrack of Brune's film work on The Hutto Project. Big thanks to Donju MinChristopher RamirezJon PerkinsMarisa Tamar Onanian, and Emily Suzuki for lending your voices. We can't wait to see how it sounds!