Watermill & THe Hutto Project

Kate, Khesrau, and Brune. Photo by  Brune Charvin

Kate, Khesrau, and Brune. Photo by Brune Charvin

The Watermill Center rehearsal room: black floors, white walls, and 19th century "Tree of Life" sacrificial posts from Flores. An iconic image from Watermill, and very familiar to Kate, Khesrau, and Brune. Watermill has been an essential part of The Hutto Project story; it's where we met (2015), where this project was developed (2016), and now where we come back together for postproduction (2017). A timeline: 

July 2015: Khesrau BehrozKate Eberstadt and Brune Charvin first meet at The Watermill Center under the direction of Robert Wilson, as participants in the Watermill International Summer Program for emerging artists.

Bonds are strong - after developing what will become The Hutto Project in residence at Watermill, in February 2016 Kate puts together a team for this a six-month journey in Berlin, where she builds another international community revolving around music and performance. 

The Watermill community runs deep; Watermillians help out in the classroom as full time staff, leading guest artist workshops, donating, and spreading the message.

January 2017: Kate Brune and Khesrau come back to the rehearsal room, pictured here, where they spent every morning as Participants in 2015. This time, they've have come back as Artists-in-Residence, working on post-production for The Hutto Project. 

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