We're back! Touchdown at The Watermill Center!


"Good aaafternooon…!"

A year ago, Kate Eberstadt started a residency at The Watermill Center directed by Robert Wilson, and prepared to launch The Hutto Project, a music & performance education program for children of displaced populations living within an emergency refugee camp in Berlin.

February 2016: rehearsals started. 25 students signed up, between the ages of 3-14 coming from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Moldova, and Palestine. The class was soon joined by documentarian Brune Charvin. A six-month musical journey had begun. A community was formed.

Today, we are coming back together as Artists in Residence at The Watermill Center to review all of the footage that she shot in the classroom. From this, we will create a physical and digital library of footage, images, and documents from The Hutto Project.

Khesrau Behroz, conceptual artist & writer, is joining us Monday. While in residence, the three of us will develop two longer term artistic collaborations from this library, which we'll introduce in a video coming soon.

TL;DR: WE'RE BACK! Videos, photos, and reflections from our classroom coming soon! #spreadlight