A Letter From Our Founder

January 2016: I touched down at The American Academy in Berlin, with the objective to create a music & performance program for children of displaced populations living in an emergency refugee camp, in memory of my high school choir director, Benjamin Hutto

Darya &  Mette Sterre . Photo credit:  Brune Charvin

Darya & Mette Sterre. Photo credit: Brune Charvin

February 2016: the first Hutto Project rehearsal. 25 students attended, between the ages of 3-14, coming from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, and Moldova. Documentarian Brune Charvin joined us on a six-month journey, during which we rehearsed three times a week, rain or shine. Together, we explored music theory and performance, created original choral music and movement pieces, and collaborated with artists of all disciplines and ages to give these kids an opportunity to perform.

In this temporary space, something concrete was formed. Volunteers poured in. Artists donated their skills and talents through guest workshops. An entire staff joined us from across continents, on a voluntary basis. Neighbors in Berlin lent their instruments, their hands, their time. People all over the world donated and helped share our story. A community was built.

This community, driven by love for music, love for dance, love for the stage, love for community, and above all, love for these children, is The Hutto Project's most powerful echo, one that reverberates; it is what remains. 

Our last rehearsal was July 2016. The emergency camp has since been evacuated.

We have spent the past half-year reflecting on this experience, and look forward to sharing some creative pieces that will attempt that capture the spirit of our work together. Thus, this website serves as both an archive of our time in Berlin in 2016, as well as home of our creative outputs to come.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy learning about our journey.


Kate Eberstadt
Founder & Music Director, The Hutto Project