We would like to thank DRK KV Berlin Schöneberg-Wilmersdorf e.V. for all of your generosity in helping our program. You provided us with your classroom where we rehearsed for two hours, three times a week for six months. Thank you for your space, all of the supplies you provided us, and your endless smiles. A special thank you to Sebastian and Marita for all of your help and encouragement along the way. Without your support, none of our work could have been possible!

Final Rehearsal and Farewell Party

Last Monday marked The Hutto Project’s final rehearsal with our students at the DRK Wilmersdorf. We were joined by volunteers, friends, and family for one last opportunity to perform in front of an audience, teach our classroom’s songs and repertoire, and screen Documentarian Brune’s videos. Our students loved teaching our guests everything they’ve learned and watching themselves shine on screen. We finished the class just like any other with “essen” prepared by our team and some generous guests. 

Thank you to everyone to came to our last gathering. We were so happy to see so many familiar faces and get a chance to properly conclude our program at this camp. 

But we still have a lot more to show you! Brune still has some new videos to show, including footage of our recording session at Funkhaus Berlin and our debut performance at ZK/U, so check back for more posts! And be on the lookout for some exciting announcements from our team! Our time at the DRK Wilmersdorf has come to and end, but our work continues! 

Reminder: Our Generosity campaign is still up and running! While rehearsals are over, our team is still busy planning more opportunities for our students and making plans for the future of this project! Help us keep the momentum going! 

Recording our Classroom Repertoire with Thorsten Hoppe

Thank you Thorsten Hoppe, audio engineer from The Berliner Ensemble for recording our students! Facing the microphone, our students sung the scales, played the piano, and performed our classic Ta-tiki-ta song and Tumpé Tumpé taught by Guest Artist Elisa Giovannetti. We were very proud of their focus and dedication, particularly Darya who took a leadership role by correcting and motivating our youngest students.

Thank you again Thorsten for giving us the opportunity to give our students and their parents a lasting audio recording of the songs they have learned with us!

A preview of our lecture at the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

Thank you once more to everyone who joined us for our lecture on June 13th at the Akademie der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung!

To watch the full video, please contact us at team@thehuttoproject.com.

Shot by Brune Charvin, Sina Eslami, and Akihiro Yasui. Edited by Brune Charvin. 

Music by Sophia Brous, Kate Eberstadt, and Donju Min.

Quotations used during presentation:

"In its transmission, music has meaning for the faithful, the faithless, and those who have lost faith." - Benjamin Hutto, American Choral Music Director

"Performances are pieces made for the moment. They are events of our time, like a shooting star." - Robert Wilson, Artistic Director at the Watermill Center

The Hutto Project's Debut Performance at ZK/U - Part II

Our performance at ZK/U was a great success!

Similar to our rehearsals, we began the night with a round of introductions. Our students then led physical and vocal warm-ups and were each thrilled to sing solo scales for the audience. We performed a new song, borrowed from Guest Artist Elisa Giovannetti, in a canon, inviting the audience to join in three parts. Darya and Aria, two of our older students, each led their own section of the audience!

Our students then taught an original song to our audience, composed by our class and Sierra Casady of CocoRosie. Our group then performed an arrangement of Frere Jacques in Russian, Kurdish, Farsi, and Arabic, developed from Sophia Brous’ Guest Artist workshop.

We ended the night with three movement exercises: correcting posture for better stage presence, partner mirroring, and the statue exercise. Our students pulled audience members onto the stage, giving these exercises new faces including parents, friends, and guests.

It was a beautiful evening, made more beautiful by our audience’s willingness to participate, and our students glowed while leading the way. Thank you to everyone who participated, giving our students the chance to share with you what we’ve been working on for these past months. We are so proud of them!

Photos courtesy of Aki Hiro and Ryota Abe.

The Hutto Project's Debut Performance at ZK/U! - Part I

Thank you to everyone who joined us at ZK/U for our debut performance!

ZK/U graciously hosted The Hutto Project on Wednesday night for our first time performing to an audience. We enlisted the help of some parents of our students to make a home-cooked meal on-site so that we could all break fast together afterwards. We journeyed to the supermarket, picked out fresh ingredients, and cooked traditional Kurdish and Syrian dishes before being joined by our students and our guests. 

A special thank you to Caroline and Gustavo of ZK/U - Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Mudar and Rafael of Über den Tellerrand, and Ainsley of PortfolioBox for all their hospitality, generosity, and help. 

Photos courtesy of Akihiro Yasui, Ryota Abe, and Sina Eslami

Check back for another post on the performance!

A special thank you to Daimler!


A big thank you to Sophia von Schorlemer and Daimler for providing The Hutto Project an extremely generous transportation sponsorship for the month of June! Our program has made some amazing trips this month, none of which would have been possible without Daimler’s contribution. Because of Daimler, our students and their families were able to attend our lecture at the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, visit the historic Funkhaus Berlin for an exciting opportunity to professionally record their voices, and hold dress rehearsals and a performance at Berlin art space ZK/U. We are so grateful!

Open Rehearsal

We were lucky enough to have some parents of our students join us recently for an open rehearsal. Our students were very proud to show off what we've been working over the past few weeks and even taught their parents some music theory and movement exercises! Special thank you to Marita of the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz for joining us. We're one step closer to our debut performance! 

Physical Theater with Guest Artist Elisa Giovannetti

Performer Elisa Giovannetti recently visited our class to lead two Physical Theater workshops with our students. She prepared exercises that could be demonstrated through actions rather than explained through words in order to better understand how to use our bodies and how they fit into our surrounding space. She was able to lead both workshops with almost no use of language, which allowed our students to focus in a different way. A classroom favorite was the "light exercise," where Elisa asked us to imagine there was an orb of light in her hand on which we were all fixated. As Elisa moved the orb, the participants of the exercise would move with her. Our students also enjoyed exploring dramatic masks. Elisa asked our students to pretend there was an invisible mask of a specific emotion on the floor and to pick it up and put it on, revealing a new expression than before. Thank you so much Elisa for your time and expertise. We will certainly be using these exercises more and more! 

Songwriting with Guest Artist Sierra Casady of CocoRosie

Sierra Casady of CocoRosie stopped by our classroom to lead a songwriting workshop! 
She graciously took an afternoon off from touring and flew in from Norway to compose a song with our children. 
Sierra asked for our students' favorite words in their native languages, and together we wrote a song in Russian, Kurdish, Arabic, and Farsi. 
She taught us the melody to a beautiful harp accompaniment. 
The Red Cross classroom space was not available, so we converted the women's locker room into a makeshift recording studio. 
Videos of our new song coming soon.
Special thank you to guest photographer Oliver Wolfe for the pictures!