Our Location

We are so excited to announce The Hutto Project's location!

This building was a public gymnasium, converted into a refugee camp two months ago. It now houses 198 people, from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Moldova, and Vietnam.

44 children, between the ages of 4 months and 18 years, live here. Almost none of them have been able to enroll in German schools yet.

Many thanks to the wonderful people within the Rathaus Wilmersdorf refugee camp who made this possible, especially: Elke Michauk, Gloria Sarah Manna, Friedhelm Keil, Julia Tecklenborg, Sebastian Wegners, and Miryam Stephan.

An especially big thank you to Sophie Beck, our Hutto team Project Manager, for putting in so much work to make this happen. 

We cannot wait to start rehearsing!

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