Physical Theater with Guest Artist Elisa Giovannetti

Performer Elisa Giovannetti recently visited our class to lead two Physical Theater workshops with our students. She prepared exercises that could be demonstrated through actions rather than explained through words in order to better understand how to use our bodies and how they fit into our surrounding space. She was able to lead both workshops with almost no use of language, which allowed our students to focus in a different way. A classroom favorite was the "light exercise," where Elisa asked us to imagine there was an orb of light in her hand on which we were all fixated. As Elisa moved the orb, the participants of the exercise would move with her. Our students also enjoyed exploring dramatic masks. Elisa asked our students to pretend there was an invisible mask of a specific emotion on the floor and to pick it up and put it on, revealing a new expression than before. Thank you so much Elisa for your time and expertise. We will certainly be using these exercises more and more!