The Hutto Project's Debut Performance at ZK/U! - Part I

Thank you to everyone who joined us at ZK/U for our debut performance!

ZK/U graciously hosted The Hutto Project on Wednesday night for our first time performing to an audience. We enlisted the help of some parents of our students to make a home-cooked meal on-site so that we could all break fast together afterwards. We journeyed to the supermarket, picked out fresh ingredients, and cooked traditional Kurdish and Syrian dishes before being joined by our students and our guests. 

A special thank you to Caroline and Gustavo of ZK/U - Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Mudar and Rafael of Über den Tellerrand, and Ainsley of PortfolioBox for all their hospitality, generosity, and help. 

Photos courtesy of Akihiro Yasui, Ryota Abe, and Sina Eslami

Check back for another post on the performance!