The Hutto Project's Debut Performance at ZK/U - Part II

Our performance at ZK/U was a great success!

Similar to our rehearsals, we began the night with a round of introductions. Our students then led physical and vocal warm-ups and were each thrilled to sing solo scales for the audience. We performed a new song, borrowed from Guest Artist Elisa Giovannetti, in a canon, inviting the audience to join in three parts. Darya and Aria, two of our older students, each led their own section of the audience!

Our students then taught an original song to our audience, composed by our class and Sierra Casady of CocoRosie. Our group then performed an arrangement of Frere Jacques in Russian, Kurdish, Farsi, and Arabic, developed from Sophia Brous’ Guest Artist workshop.

We ended the night with three movement exercises: correcting posture for better stage presence, partner mirroring, and the statue exercise. Our students pulled audience members onto the stage, giving these exercises new faces including parents, friends, and guests.

It was a beautiful evening, made more beautiful by our audience’s willingness to participate, and our students glowed while leading the way. Thank you to everyone who participated, giving our students the chance to share with you what we’ve been working on for these past months. We are so proud of them!

Photos courtesy of Aki Hiro and Ryota Abe.