Break-dancing with Guest Artist Raphael Hillebrand

Huge shout-out to Raphael Hillebrand for lending his break-dancing expertise to the Hutto Project classroom! Raphael taught our students a short break-dance routine and got all of our students and volunteers on their feet. We then put our learned choreography to the test in a break-dance showdown! Raphael split the classroom in half and each side got to show off what they learned. We had a blast, Raphael! Thank you!

Ta-Tiki-Ta: An Insight Into Combining Rhythm and Music

As part of our occidental music theory exercises, The Hutto Project class has been learning basic sight-reading. The past weeks, we have been combining this with our work on pitch-matching and melody: layering sounds, as an introduction to music composition.

Along with sight-reading and vocal technique, our curriculum has recently been focusing on stage presence & performance exercises, as well as exploring movement.

Video courtesy of our Documentarian Brune Charvin. 

Costume-making with Guest Artist Mette Sterre

A big thank you to Mette Sterre and Nikki Ootjers who recently joined us for a costume-making workshop. Using some raw materials like cloth, canvas, and yarn, our students transformed into monsters! At least that was the plan. It looks more like they turned into villains and superheroes. Whatever the outcome, our students had a great time creating and playing and the workshop ended with a photoshoot and a costume parade back to camp. Thanks again Mette and Nikki!

Updates from the classroom!

We wanted to share some of our progress in the classroom as we prepare for our spring concert. Our students have been learning some basic music theory including sight-reading and are comfortable enough to even teach what they've learned to our volunteers. One of their favorite parts of class is when Music Director Kate invites them up to the piano to play and sing a scale using what they've learned of solfege. We're also working on giving our students the confidence necessary to be performers and we can see them standing up straighter and singing in front of the class with more ease and enthusiasm. We can't wait to see how much more our students will learn and grow over the next coming weeks!

Big thank you to performers Paul Girard and Meritxell Aumedes for the amazing dance workshop yesterday! Paul and Meri introduced playful movement exercises to develop body awareness, refine peripheral attention, and strengthen our group dynamic. 

Last summer, Paul was a resident artists at the Watermill Center in New York alongside Brune, Kate, Sophie, Khesrau; as well as Hutto Project collaborators Anna, Thorsten, Kirstin, and Giovanni. Thank you again to the Watermill Center and Robert WIlson for building a community of artists that can meet again in Berlin, this time expanding to new and younger voices. 

Looking forward to our costume-making workshop with Watermill alum Mette Sterre!


Our second fundraising campaign is live!

We have officially started our second round of fundraising efforts! Thank you so much to everyone who donated during our first campaign. Because of your generous contributions, we have been able establish classroom space and a weekly rehearsal schedule. This round of donations will go towards continuing our project in Berlin, organizing our spring concert, and many new opportunities for our students like workshops with expert artists and performers of various backgrounds like modern dance, break-dancing, physical theatre, photography, costume-design and so much more!

Please be sure to check out our campaign and help spread the word!

Meet Kako!

Kako is the youngest of three - Rahaf's little brother. 
Kako always wants to join to rehearsal, and always ends up wiggling about. Together with Saringi Agata, our volunteer, he must have gone in and out the rehearsal room a hundred times. Crying on the way out, smiling like a proud general on his way in. But our general was a little tired of his own wiggling that day, and as soon as we got out the rehearsal room, he quietly melted in Saringi's caring arms.

Sheet

Every rehearsal, our class begins by writing each participant's name on the board.
3 weeks ago, a group of volunteers from Belgium teamed up with students from Columbia University's Notes and Keys a Capella group to help lead rehearsals.
Together, they performed for our choir, and taught them to begin combining rhythm and music with exercises layering percussion and voice. 
This is our attendance sheet one of those classes, every name written in each native language present in our classroom: English (/German), Arabic, Kurdish, Farsi, and Russian.
Special thanks to: Saringi Agata, Izzi Eberstadt, Carlos Franken, Cole Hickman, Michael Klurfeld, Jess Lempit, Jeff Luyten, and Jonah Melkenbeeck. 
Photo by Brune Charvin