Thank you to our network of outstanding Guest Artists, who have contributed indispensable motifs and tools for building this program and our performance piece: 

Giovanni Firpo - Mime Workshop - March 4th

Kirstin Kapustik - Dance Workshop - March 11th

Columbia University's Notes & Keys - A Cappella Workshop - March 14th through 18th

Paul Girard and Meritxell Audmedes  - Modern Dance Workshop - April 11th

Mette Sterre & Nikki Oojters - Costume-making Workshop - April 18th

Raphael Hillebrand - Break-dance Workshop - April 20th

Sierra Casady of CocoRosie - Song-writing Workshop - May 8th

Peter Morrison - Cello Workshop - May 13th

Elisa Giovannetti - Physical Theatre Workshop - May 18th & 19th

Alex Samawicz - Trumpet Workshop - June 3rd

Sophia Brous - Choral Performance Workshop - June 13th through 20th